Olive Oil Outside the Kitchen

Olive oil has long been heralded as the healthiest fat out there, and boasts an abundance of uses in the kitchen, ranging from greasing pans to dressing salads, to substituting alternative fats in otherwise unhealthy dishes. But what about outside the kitchen? Could this lovely Italian elixir serve more purpose than merely blending in vinaigrette? The answer is an overwhelming yes.

From personal care to refurbishing furniture, olive oil serves almost as a one-and-done household go-to for a variety of different uses, including:

Furniture / appliance conditioner
Nothing dulls down a great cooking utensil or piece of furniture in your home like use and time. Over time, finishes both on stainless steel appliances and quality wood furniture fade or smudge, leaving your standout pieces hidden underneath the years of grime and dust. Whether it’s a metal refrigerator or a dining room table, apply a bit of olive oil mixed with lemon juice in a spray bottle to bring those surfaces back to life (note: it is ideal to first test on a small, inconspicuous area to make sure it doesn’t counteract with your furniture/appliance finish).

Removing makeup
As we mentioned in our olive oil beauty tips, it may seem counterintuitive to be rubbing down your face with oil – but the truth is, it actually works wonders. Not only can olive oil be used to clear up acne and exfoliate, it can also be used as an excellent substitute for makeup remover. Just apply a small amount to a cotton ball, and wipe away whatever makeup you may be wearing, be it foundation or mascara. Just be sure to wash your face with a mild cleanser afterwards!

Beyond its application as a women’s beauty solution, olive oil can also benefit men (and women too) as a replacement for shaving cream. Advocates even say they have never gone back to traditional shaving cream after using olive oil for a smooth and close shave.

Cutting grease and paint
Whether you are a new homeowner painting walls, or touching up some rooms that need refreshing, or even doing a DIY project, working with paint can be a messy job. And odds are, in the course of your project, you will probably be getting more paint on yourself (or the floors) than the targeted area. A simple way to easily get paint off your skin as well as out of your hair is with olive oil. In addition, while taking the paint off of your hands, the oil helps with fingernail and cuticle care.

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