Beauty Goes Skin-Deep with Olive Oil

From cooking to cleaning, Olive Oil has been a household go-to for centuries. It seems like there’s nothing a little dab of oil can’t fix! With its many uses, it may come as no surprise that olive oil is also a wonderful product as part of your beauty regimen.

Rumored by aging Italians to act as a supplemental moisturizer, ABC News confirmed in early 2013 that olive oil is indeed one of the top four moisturizers for not just your face – but your entire skin. Using olive oil on your skin acts as a natural shield, locking in moisture. It keeps your skin smooth and firm, and even more importantly, protects those with sensitive skin from allergic reactions due to its all natural composition.

Olive oil also acts as an agent against acne. It sounds counter-intuitive to fight oil with more oil, but the principle behind it is that the olive oil restores your face’s natural balance, and if mixed with a teaspoon of sugar - exfoliates your skin. When used regularly, your skin’s condition will improve and the only issue you’ll have is whether or not there’s enough olive oil left for your dinner!

Lastly, long time sufferers of eczema will find relief from dry, itchy skin when they run some olive oil under warm bath water and soak. The olive oil revitalizes and soothes the skin, to subside the irritable sensation of dry skin.

Other uses range from conditioning your hair to cleaning your make-up brushes. But whatever the purpose, it’s safe to say that Olive Oil really is a household necessity!

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