Bring Home the Authentic Taste of Italy with Botticelli Pasta, Olive Oil and Pasta Sauce

This afternoon we had a great lunch of rotini pasta with tomato and basil sauce which is handmade with Italian tomatoes by Botticelli Foods.   It was so nice  to have a simple, healthy and easy to prepare meal.

In the past I have given my children pasta but normally just plain.  I had tried a spaghetti sauce before but neither one of them were interested so I wasn’t sure if they would be open to trying this new sauce.  I always like to give them options as they are both great eaters but each with very different habits.  Wyatt loves to eat fruit and vegetables whereas Sadie loves to eat meat, cheese and anything sweet.

I boiled the Botticelli Rotini for 7 minutes as recommended and added a little salt and a tablespoon of the extra virgin olive oil.  The Botticelli Pasta came out perfect and this style is great for toddlers using their fingers to eat.

When I serve their food I always have them share a plate.  This avoids issues of one taking food from the other.  I arranged the pasta plate with one side of plain noodles the other half with the tomato and basil sauce.

My daughter immediately went for the Botticelli Pasta without the Botticelli Sauce.

My son went straight for the Botticelli Pasta covered in the Botticelli Tomato and Basil Sauce.

They both loved their choices and stuck to them the entire time.  My son preferred the Botticelli Pasta covered in Botticelli Sauce and my daughter kept hers plain, but I did see her dip one of the noodles into some Tomato and Basil Sauce.

I had also prepared a plate with pears, mozzarella cheese, garbanzo beans, avocado, and bananas.  When I introduce new foods I like to offer the new product first instead of giving them the opportunity  choose an option that they are more familiar with.

I also had a plate of pasta and thought the texture and taste of the Botticelli Pasta and sauce was perfect.  I love olive oil and look forward to trying the Botticelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil with fresh bread.

Botticelli Foods products are currently available in many local stores such as Shoprite and Meat Farms as well as nationwide in Publix, Price Chopper, Walmart, Sprouts, etc.  They have a Facebook page that is always being updated with great recipes for all different food choice options. Please go visit and like their page here : Botticelli Foods Facebook   You can obtain more information about their other products, recipes and where to find them in stores.

This sample of Botticelli Foods Pasta Sauce, Botticelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Botticelli Fine Pasta was sent to us complimentary from Botticelli Foods for our honest and unbiased review.  My children obviously both love the products as I do myself and will make sure to keep my eyes out for them in my local grocery store.

Source: A Humble Love – Karen Ewing

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