Botticelli Foods: Alla Vodka Sauce, Penne Pasta, and Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A lot of people think that pasta sauces, pastas, and olive oils all basically taste the same, no matter which brand you buy. But that is just NOT true! The more I learn about how and where foods are grown and prepared, and the more foods I try, the more I realize just how different the “same” ingredients and dishes can taste.

 So I’m happy to be able to say that Botticelli Foods doesn’t just say they are committed to using and providing the best quality ingredients and products – I believe they actually do it!

 I tried their Alla Vodka Pasta Sauce over their Penne Pasta, and it was “delicioso!” The pasta cooks into the perfect, hearty al dente bite; and the flavors of the sauce blend together and complement each other – none of the flavors are overpowering the others or screaming for attention.  

The sauce is light, yet rich and satisfying. I didn’t feel like I needed to add anything to it to make it taste better. I also tried their Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Imported From Italy. And yes, it was delicioso as well. If you go to the Botticelli website, you will find important information about how to properly select, use, and store olive oils; as well as see their complete line of products, cooking guidelines, recipe ideas, and a few health facts. Check out Botticelli Food products for yourself, and where you can find them... “BUON APPETITO!”


Source: Chase N’ Yur Face- Chase Bailey

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