Olive Oils

Botticelli Foods is committed to bringing the quality and authenticity of Italian olive oil to the American consumer. Our journey to bring you the perfect olive oil begins in Italy, and spans various regions and several generations of craftsmen, delivering only the finest ripe olives and highest quality products.

It is our proprietary and carefully sought-after blend of these olives that combine to create the unique taste of Botticelli Olive Oil. Our dedication to excellence is obvious in the balanced flavor only achieved through our stringent manufacturing and tasting process. The result: a one-of-a-kind flavor, with a perfect combination of fruit and spice, making it one of the most distinctive olive oils available.

From pungent and sweet to light and mild, we have a range of products sure to tempt your taste buds, and provide you with the perfect companion for your favorite meals. Enjoy one of our olive oils today.