Olive Oil Cooking Guide

Botticelli Olive Oil can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways. This chart suggests some popular uses for our three major types of olive oils (Extra Virgin, 100% Pure, Light in Taste) to help you with healthy cooking and delicious dishes.

Popular Uses Premium Italian Extra
Virgin Olive Oil
(Rich Flavor)
100% Pure Olive Oil
(Mild Flavor)
Light in Taste
Olive Oil
(Subtle Flavor)
Dressing on salads or vegetables
Sauteing meat, poultry or fish
Pan-frying meat, poultry or fish
Marinating meat, poultry, fish or vegetables
Drizzling on vegetables
Seasoning soups or stews
Dipping sauce for bread or raw vegetables
Grilling meat, poultry, fish or vegetables
Boiling pasta
Stir-frying vegetables
Basting broiled or baked meat, poultry or fish
Simmering sauces
Baking cakes or muffins
Scrambled eggs
Deep frying
Roasting potatoes