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Botticelli Olive Bruschetta & Italian Antipasto

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Authentic Italian Bruschetta is the most popular Italian appetizer.  Enjoy the blending of green and black chopped olives, tomatoes, capers, and Botticelli olive oil.

Botticelli Antipasto is made with the finest mixed vegetables following a traditional Italian recipe.  Ingredients include sweet peppers, artichokes, olives, onions, capers, mushrooms, olive oil with a blend of Italian spices.

Our Hot Antipasto has red hot peppers for an added kick!

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Botticelli Italian Tomatoes

Botticelli Italian Tomatoes are unparalleled in their delicate taste. Only tomatoes that are hand selected are used giving them a sun-ripe and sweet taste.

Botticelli tomatoes are made with 100% vine ripe Italian tomatoes, picked fresh and packed immediately for the very best taste.

Available crushed in tomato puree and peel in tomato puree.

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