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Our tomato farm in Italy

From our Farms to Your Table

We Call It, The Botticelli Way

Imagine the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food comes from - straight from the farm to your table. That's exactly what we're all about. Our commitment to sourcing every ingredient from our very own farms and production facilities in Italy ensures that you can enjoy the freshest, most delicious meals possible.

It all started with our ancestors, who were local farmers dedicated to the art of Italian food. Our farming roots in Sicily span four generations and passed down the knowledge of growing quality over quantity. Through each generation, we became devoted to the craft of cultivating and sourcing only premium quality products so that you and your family can enjoy the same authentic Italian experience we had all from the comfort of your home.

From our olives to our tomatoes, we take pride in knowing where our ingredients come from. That’s why we spent time finding only the best fields, groves, and farms to source the freshest ingredients. Our tomatoes come straight from our farms in Sicily and Parma, Italy, and our olives are sourced from the most exclusive regions in the Mediterranean.

Our CEO travels across the Mediterranean to source only the best olives for our products. Being an olive oil sommelier, our CEO ensures that the quality meets our high standards. With Botticelli, we craft only the freshest olives to bring you premium products that are well-balanced and flavorful.

Our tomatoes are picked at the peak of ripeness from our lush, sun-drenched tomato fields. They are carefully sorted and selected, ensuring only the finest and freshest tomatoes make the cut. These plump and juicy tomatoes are then blended to perfection, creating a burst of flavor that will delight your taste buds.

 With Botticelli, we craft only the freshest ingredients to bring you premium products that are well-balanced and flavorful. Enjoy the Art of Italian Flavor that has delighted taste buds for decades.

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