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Passed down through four generations...

We’re Family Owned

“We are very proud to be a family-owned business. Started by my grandfather, they poured their hopes and dreams into creating a product that we would all be proud of. Alongside my father, we continue the legacy of our ancestors by bringing a true, authentic Italian experience to homes across America.”  - VP Joseph Asaro

The Botticelli Way

Our Italian heritage has instilled in us the importance of prioritizing quality over quantity. Across each generation, we have developed a deep commitment to the art of cultivating and sourcing only the finest premium products. This ensures that you can relish an authentic Italian experience from the comfort of your own home.

Why Botticelli

Our ancestors put a lot of time and effort into creating art with their food, and their recipes survived the test of time. We want to keep the Art of Italian Flavor alive by creating a brand that embraces this tradition. And who better to bridge the gap between the culinary arts and fine arts than the famed artist himself?

Take Your Dishes To The Next Level

Shakshuka with Marinara Sauce

Marinara Pasta Sauce  |  Cooking Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Anthony Alfredo and his race car

Meet Our Brand Ambassador

We are proud of our ongoing partnership with Nascar driver Anthony Alfredo, aka "Fast Pasta" for the 2024 Nascar Xfinity Series Season.

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